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Hello and Welcome to Life Dynamix's Wellness Community!

Life Dynamix is a magical place where you can:

  • Empower your life with our complimentary wellness course
  • Become a certified wellness specialist
  • Download free health related e-Books
  • Meet others who share similar passions
  • Spread your messages of wellness for the greater good
  • Get your wellness questions answered by experts
  • Contribute your messages to build a wealth of compassionate and healing information for a healthier world!

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    I Forgot My Password...What Can I Do?

  • Click on the "Lost Your Password" link underneath the login area and input the email address that you created your account will send you a new password.

    How Do I Read My Messages?
    Immediately after logging in you are taken to your "MY Account" page. Here you will see the "Message Center" to the right of your profile image. The "Message Center" contains all your messages, comments, and any inspirational alerts you may have. Click on the link and it will take you to a new page with a link/s to your message/s. Click on the subject link and your message will apear.

    How Do I send A Message?
    You will notice many members profile images by navigating through the community. These images are also links to the member's profile page. On a member's profile page you will see a "Contact Panel" directly under their profile image. This Contact Panel contains a button link called "Send Message". Clicking on "Send Message" will activate a form to appear where you are able to write and then send your message.

    Send A Mass Message To Your Friends (No Spamming Permitted)
    The "Compose" feature makes it easy and fast to send a message to multiple friends that you have aquired on the community. For example if you wished to send a blessing, a holiday wish, an important message or just a friendly hello to all your friends this feature allows you to send the same message to more than one friend at a time. This feature only allows you to send multiple messages out to your the more friends that you have on the community the more messages you will send out. Any friends whose messages are not welcome to you can quickly be stopped by either blocking the user or deleting them from your friends list. Members are blocked from contacting you by clicking on the "BLOCK USER" button on the contact panel of their profile page. Members can also be deleted from your friends list by clicking on the "FRIENDS" link on the navigational bar. Here you will see your friends list and you are able to remove them from your friends list by clicking the delete link under the photo of the member you wish to remove.

    To use the Compose feature...Mouse over the "Mail" link on the navigational bar and click on the "Compose" link. A new message window will open and it will have a drop down list that you can choose to who of your friends are all that you wish to send a mass message to.

    How Do I Aquire Friends From The Community?
    In order for you to aquire friends you must send them a friends request. Click on the browse link on the left side of the navigational bar. Here you will have access to all the members of the community. When you click on a photo it will take you to the members profile. Just below their photo on the members profile page is a contact panel where you will see the button "ADD TO FRIENDS". Clicking this button will send a message to the member with a request for your friendship. If they accept your friendship they will be added into your friends database. The "Compose" feature will allow you to send a mass message out to all your friends that you've aquired on the community. The more friends that you aquire the more messages that you can send out with this feature. This feature must be activated by your site host before the options to mass mail will appear. If you have aquired over 1,000 points you can use this feature by informing your site host Steven.

    How Do Invite My Personal Friends?
    Visit the easy to use Invite Center
    Invite Center

    This feature allows you to import your contacts from yahoo/hotmail/gmail etc. easily. All you have to do is click on the icon of your email host and input your email information and the import feature will do the rest. The Invite Center also allows community members to manually add email addresses.

    If you find it helpful to tell your friends the link of your profile you can find it below the "ACTIVITY FEED" on your "MY ACCOUNT" page just above the "BULLETIN BOARD".

    Can I delete a friend or block a user from contacting me?

    All members can easily block members from contacting them as well as deleting them from their friend list. If you wish to block any member from contacting you the "BLOCK USER" button on the contact panel of their profile page will activate this feature. This community is intended to spread wellness for the greater good and members whose intentions are not aligned with the goals of our community can be reported by clicking on "report this user" on the lower right side of the mebers profile page.

    How do I design My page?

    Immediately after you login you will see on the right side of the page a drop down menu that enables you to choose a logo theme. And at the very bottom of every page allows you to choose a page style by clicking on the chooser buttons.

    How Do I Use The Shoutbox?

    To use the "SHOUTBOX"...type your words in the blank area at the bottom of the box and then click "Enter" on your keyboard.

    How do you put in a music player on my page?

    To put in a music player visit and create your playlist there by following their steps.
    When you are finished at that site it will give you a code that you are able to add to your profile page. Just paste the code in the Music area on This Page and click "Save Profile Settings."

  • Acitivity points are generated throughout the community every time you login, post a blog, forum etc. Virtual gifts use activity points and the top point generators win monthly prizes.

    Free E-Book Section
    As a community member you have access to Free Ebooks related to health among other new features only available at no charge to the Life Dynamix Wellness Community.
  • Free E Books

    If you have any health questions send them to me and I or one of the other wellness experts will respond Smile

    This community is an extension of our main site where you can find the latest wellness articles, TV shows, video streams, health Tools & more.

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    To Magic, & Possibilities!

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