This is a group where you can give more then you take, to help this world be a better place. A place of Light, Love, Laughter and Friends, Where beauty can breathe freely beyond the realm of the written.
As always~Syrno

Dr. Harmander Singh wrote at March 21, 2010
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Dear Syrno, all your works and comments are in the forum that was associated with your group. So, please check in the forum Inspiration, like your poem Mom~Poem by Elizabeth Clarke for Jennifer Lynne Clarke R.I.P

I hope it will be helpful. Thanks!


Originally posted by: Syrno
I'm sad that the upgrade 2/2010 destroyed my group page! I'm even sadder that my Beloved Jenny's words are now gone...There's no point for this page to exist any longer. it was for all for herem4600
Dr. Harmander Singh