Child abuse is a world wide proble .It comes in many forms and does not have a face or gender.From rape to beatings to slavery our children our suffering.Slavery has not ended it just looks different now !!! Our children are being taken and sold into slavery for the color of thier hair, the color of their eyes and raped and beaten !! They are kidnapped and sold for cheap labor and sold for pure pleasure. Our children are the innocents that cant fight and look to us for protection. They only know how to love unconditionally. Our children are being kidnapped here in the USA and other countries and are thrown into a life of torture. You dont really hear about it because it is a humilating subject for many including those children who are being abused ,raped, and sold !!! Letting abuse go on is just as bad as abusing that child yourself. I know its kinda scary to butt into others affairs but imagine being scared and then beaten raped and humilated !!! You cannot turn a blind eye to this !!! So many children could be spared if someone just picked up the phone. The abuse and slavery of children must be brought out into the open. We must realize it exist more today than ever if we are gonna try to stop it. We as adults have to admit it is happening and sometimes its right under our nose. If you know a child is being abused call a hotline , call the police but dont stand there and do nothing. If you feel like you may lose your temper, walk away. If a baby is crying and you feel your gonna loose it walk away and let that baby cry. If you dont you may be attending a funeral you could have stopped !!! Lets not turn a blind eye to whats really happening to our children. Be aware of sexual predatores around your neighborhood. You would be astonished on how much the law is disregarded. I live 1 block away from an elemntary school and i have 150 reported sexual predators living within a one mile distance of my house. I am working with my local police dept to have something done !!! We must start some where. Save our children and give them the chance at life !!! Anyone who can add to this subject please do so. I have a friend who has also brought ot light homeless children and adults doing what they can but sometimes its not enough and they need help. Please add any input on this matter that you have because there are so many layers to this.

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