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Activist's Pledge

by Janet Riddle
From Animal Rights Online

Until the last flesh is consumed
and no more animals are born to doom
Our struggle is beside the weak
respect for life is what we seek

Until the last is forced to entertain
and no more animals are driven insane
For all those beaten to a cower
we lend our strength and our power

Until the last suffers in a cruel test
and scientific fraud is finally confessed
To those voiceless we give them word
until their agonizing cries are heard

Until the last dead skin is worn
and for our usage no animal is born
Relentless battles we must fight
until all others see compassion's light

Until the last abuse has ceased
and existence is granted to every beast
We won't abandon or give in
because this war we intend to win


A motivational video to aid in the suppport of animal rescue and pet adoption. Please visit and click the big purple button to feed a starving animal a bowl of food.

Share PETA Videos Online

We all know that getting people to watch animal rights videos is one of the most effective ways to help animals. When people find out what happens to animals inside factory farms and slaughterhouses, or behind the walls of laboratories, it changes their lives. With that in mind, we need your help to bring PETA’s videos to lots of new people.

Video-sharing sites like YouTube allow anyone with an Internet connection to share videos with the world. Since people started posting PETA’s videos to YouTube, they’ve been viewed millions of times. How did that happen? It’s all about the tags—surprisingly, more people are searching for keywords like “naked” and “sex” than they are for “animal rights” or “vegetarian.”

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Now we want you to use your creativity to help us reach thousands more people with PETA’s videos. First things first: Go to and download some of PETA’s videos, like “Free Me” or “Chew on This” (be sure to look through the entire video archive). To download the videos, just click on the name of the video you want, then click where it says, “Click here to download.” Once you’ve saved a few videos to your computer, go to YouTube or another video-sharing site and start uploading. Now, this is the most important part—when you’re giving your video tags, think of words that lots of people are going to be searching for. After all, the more views your videos get, the more animals you can save.
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Pledge to Be Veg for 30 Days!

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Saving One Animal Will Not Change The World?

But Surely, For That One Animal

The World Will Change Forever! ">Dog Fighting

Dress Up The Trollsen Twins!

Tell the Trollsen Twins to Go Fur-Free!
Not only is killing animals in the name of fashion cruel, it's uuugly. Some say that Hairy-Kate and Trashley are guilty of offending their fans with some major fashion boo-boos, but here at peta2, we think that's the understatement of the year! The twins' heartless decision to wear fur and include it in their new fashion line, The Row (more like "Death Row"), is worse than a fashion no-no—it's cruelty to animals. The Trollsens have ignored our pleas to stop wearing fur—and have since added horribly ugly fur items to their new clothing line. It's obvious that we need your help to convince them that wearing fur is wrong and hideous!

Animals on fur farms spend their entire miserable lives in tiny, filthy cages, surrounded by their own waste. Forced to stand on thin cage wires, the millions of minks, foxes, rabbits, and other animals never get the chance to dig, play, or do anything else that's natural and important to them. Some animals are killed by having their necks broken or their skulls beaten before being strung up by their back legs and having their heads cut off. Others are killed by anal or vaginal electrocution. There is absolutely no reason to kill animals for their fur when there are so many fashionable and humane alternatives!

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Hi everyone my name is Lynne, and I am starting this group to help get the word out on animal cruelty..I never realized how bad it was untill Nov of 2006 when I started getting e-mails on different cruelty issues..actually started with the seal hunt! So, I started checking into a few things. like the animals we eat, the ones being experimented on, and the fur trade, circuses, and so on...This site will probably be a little graphic..The pictures and video's, some will be just make you sick. But I want everyone to see what is really going on out there, with our animal friends. I can't even describe the horror they go through. Everyone needs to open their eyes, and not turn their head and pretend it doesn't exist..I feel i need to do something! I have decided to start this group for starters.

If you eat meat, wear fur, buy products tested on animals go to the circus,zoo's, please take some time and watch some of the video's I have posted in the group forum...Make yourself watch them. Then if you do have your eyes closed to what is happening maybe they will open! Mine did! This cruelty to our animals has to stop! We need to ban together, spread the word, Anything is better then nothing! Just get involved..Help me, lets let the world know what is going on!! I became a vegatarian ~ November 10, 2006. It wasn't nearly as hard as i thought it would be..actually it was pretty easy. I don't even think about eating meat at all any more and I grew up on meat and patatoes.. Mostly chicken(and they are treated horrible!) So, if you think you can't do it or it would be to hard. Think again! You'd be amazed at actually how easy it really is. I watched this video on the pigs, made me cry. Maybe it will effect you like it did me! Please spreading the word! Believe me you really don't need to eat the animals that bad...Look at what they go through. It is horrible! If you watch the video's and you have a heart~ I know you will join the veggie life style~ as so many of us have alreay done for the sake of the animals! You can make a difference!

There are so many forms of animal cruelty going on. I just cannot believe my eyes! The video's are hard to watch the pictures are hard to look at....But it is those animals reality, and we need to realize whats happening! God what is happened to people?

We can make a difference! Help the animals don't close your eyes to what is happening!

The Humane Society of the United States has launched a long-term campaign with the goal of eliminating pain and distress in laboratory animals by the year 2020. The success of the campaign would mean that animals used in biomedical research and testing would no longer suffer in the process. Animal protectionists, sympathetic scientists, and others would then be free to concentrate on eliminating the use of animals in laboratories altogether, or at least in those uses that would result in harm (e.g., injury or death).

Each year, billions of animals are slaughtered for food, millions more for their pelts, countless others are used in experiments, and still others killed for sport. Anyone who eats meat or animal products needs to be aware that their dietary choices sustain an industry of suffering and murder. When you eat at McDonald's, enjoy a breakfast of bacon, eggs and sausage or when you drink a glass of milk, you are creating the market. You are financing the pain, terror and torture that make up the short, miserable life, and inevitable death of an animal.

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Words like beef, pork, poultry and ham are used by the meat industries to convince consumers that they are eating something other than animals. Whatever name you give your meat, you cannot escape the fact that you are really eating the flesh of cow, chicken and pig corpses. Is your conscience clear?

A cheeseburger or ham sandwich could never compare with the feeling of peace one has while eating a vegan meal, completely free of animal products and suffering of any kind.

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