Regressive autism is a complex, bioneurological disorder that we believe is triggered by multiple environmental triggers in those with certain genetic predispositions. Regressive autism can be reversed in the vast majority of individuals if treated early, appropriately, and intensely. A multi-modal approach including, but not limited to, biomedical intervention, therapeutic intervention, dietary intervention, behavior modification, neurofeedback, emotional freedom techniques, specialized education, and many others.

I hope to shed a great deal of light on this subject, that is not commonly known by the general public. It is critical that we educate our communities, in the hopes of stopping this very preventable epidemic.

Our goal is to present the information, in hopes that you will in turn do your own research and decide the facts for yourselves. We are confident if the time is spent researching the information here, many views will be changed and hopefully, we can have an impact on the lives of those being affected.

Thank you for participating!


Laura Lum Corby, Founder/CEO
Autism Solution Center Foundation, Inc.