Our joining hands makes east unite with west. The differences and similarities are something that give better insight into not only human life, but the life in general. Our natural world has east and west getting magnetic energies from north and south poles of earth. Thus, this is a quadrant of four directions at Life Dynamix. Thanks!

Dr. Harmander Singh wrote at April 15, 2012
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Dear Steve, thanks for joining this group. It makes day meet night and follow it till next day, these unite day and night to make the day as if east meets west. Both share the day alike! Thanks! Smile
Dr. Harmander Singh
Dr. Harmander Singh wrote at March 24, 2010
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Dear Syrno, how amazing, I am really surprised to know it.

I never imagined you were from east.

I know some Urdu and compose stanzas in it. I have also written many books, published 15 though, gave my voicing. I can also write, compose and sing in 3 languages.

I am really amazed at you!!!!!

Thanks for joining the group - you are heartily welcome here!!!
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Dr. Harmander Singh