Patented nutritional formula reverses heart disease naturally!

Thanks to Dr. Matthias Rath and Dr. Linus Pauling(two nobel prizes, chemistry and peace) we now know that cholesterol and/or homocysteine do not cause heart attacks! This realization is not new: G. C. Willis, MD, made the crucial observation in the early 1950s. A Canadian doctor, he noticed that atherosclerotic plaques always formed in the same places where there was unusually high mechanical stress. Usually near the heart where the blood vessels are stretched and bent. Willis suspected a vitamin C deficiency, and his experiments implicated mechanical stress caused by the heart beat.

The Pauling and Rath theory relies on the Willis observations. (Note: In a heart bypass, veins from the leg are used which are without plaque.) Because plaque does not form randomly throughout the blood stream, it is unlikely that the primary cause of the lesions leading to heart disease are "poisons" circulating in the blood.

Now thanks to the Pauling and Rath theory we have the knowledge and scientific evidence to help millions of people. Please visit Dr. Rath's Eradicating Heart Disease to get this information directly from the original source. You can also download a free copy of Dr.Rath's book Why Animals Dont Get Heart Attacks But People Do.Free E-book

Together we can help Dr. Rath spread his message and help ourselves, along with others live happier, healthier lives. We need to keep spreading the word and gathering scientific evidence.

Lets do this.

Respectfully yours,

P.S. All this awareness about natural solutions to health problems wont mean nearly as much if the Codex Alimentarius has their way by placing severe restrictions on our health freedom. Check out this site for more information about this insidious plague of greed and what we can do about it. Codex Alimentarius

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