As a Life Dynamix Certified Wellness Specialist (L. C. W. S.) , I strongly recommend you to do the Life Dynamix Wellness Specialist Certification - An Online Test with your little effort. I passed it with great ease. Thanks!

Life Dynamix is an example for the World, the Way to Wellness of All-The Dream and a Vision that a great man, the Steven Ferrel have for all, and you as well, when you participate in the discussion as it is our major question about how can we start it from the from our self, while having the shuttle ready to touch the sky, our Life Dynamix for All to make a start, so let us be the first. Thus, all are welcome to contribute with suggestions, ideas and or comments. Thanks!

We can make our websites and blogs associated with Life Dynamix in such a way that we can earn without investment. It is simply submitting to Life Dynamix by any possible means available with the links to all that we have present ONLINE with REVENUE SHARING WEBSITES. This Group encourages you to do so by the following ways and means, which you can also use for whatever you are doing ONLINE. For more details kindly also read this Description Post for the Best Results. Thanks!

You are welcome to submit/post anything to this group to win the Certificate of Excellency by Life Dynamix and also become the Awarded Team Member, and thus as the deserving co-host, so kindly submit as described below or email to your article/posts and please do not forget to read the Fabulous OPPORTUNITY win the Best in the Following categories and subcategories:

Age Groups:
1. Kids
2. Children.
3. Young
4. Mature Young
5. Old
6. Everyone

1. Category of the Post-Article, Audio, Video and or any other kind
2. Subcategory-Poem, Song and whatever applies to it (Kindly see an example below):
3. Theme/Topic-It is the theme of the submitted work

For example-Submitted Article/Audio/Video/Photo/Picture has two most important parts

1. Category is the Way of Presentation for our Purpose
2. Subcategory is the Genre-Poem, play, drama, article, fiction, etc.
3. Theme is what the one wants to name it


1. The submission of work can be directly put to the group via email, however we are providing another way for it. Please note it carefully. The post labeled as SUBMISSION is for anyone to submit anything in reply or email it to

2. The Category, subcategory and theme or the theme with any description can be put and our team will evaluate the category and the subcategory, but the title/theme is must.

3. (a) One can provide a part of the work submitted with a link to blogs of the Life Dynamix.
(b) If the link is outside the Life Dynamix, kindly check that it works

*In all conditions the work must be original or the source/resource given an appropriate link/acknowledgment and permission taken if applies.

The Panel of Judges will decide about the Best Work in each category every month, but there must be at least 3 entries. As this is Life Dynamix, one can ask for why the entry was not given the Best Award. However, it needs that one gives at least 5 reasons for deserving. It can be then reviewed.

4. In the submission body, kindly give all details, we repeat-your name, email, category, subcategory, theme/title, genre, description, synopsis, LINK to full post of any kind so that it is easier to evaluate, however it is not necessary that one gives all the details.

5. There is no limit on the number of submissions and all entries will get the participation acknowledgment as the Certificate of Participation in each category.

* DEAR READERS! Please note about where to rate the submitted works as the selection will be evaluated on the following basis:

1. The rating-Now as it is not available directly, so all need to note that where one reads STICKY, a place to comment, kindly leave a number from 1 to 5. Simply enter 5 for the best and 1 for the participation; nothing is bad all are the creative works.

2. The submissions of others can be edited, reviewed, commented and have all facilities available for it, but doing it one's own will not be considered.

Thus the rating may carry the following methods:

1. Rating goes as numbers added (1 to 5)

2. Any comment gets directly the 10 points, even if it says-good

3. Any photo attached or an additional feature will have 5 points for each, but form emoticons it will be 2 points, one can show at most 5 emoticons in a submission (0 to 10 just for emoticons!).

The group invites you to participate and contribute to WIN one or all the Awards of Excellency Certificate for the following:

1. Editor-Your name, bio and a photo will appear on all articles or posts that you edit. It is a great way to enhance your credentials as an editor that one can use as the editor in the Life Dynamix Group Editing Services (So be an editor!). The good news is that there is no limit on the number of editors.

2. Moderator-It is one of the most challenging kind of work and thus most experienced can do it. However, at one or the other time we need to start. So, if you moderate anything posted on this group, you will be accredited as the moderator. Please note that moderating is making the posts most suitable in accordance with the Life Dynamix, and thus differs from editing work. Again as it is the volunteer work, so there is no limit on the number of moderators. However, one need to moderate at least 3 posts to claim the award of Moderator in the Life Dynamix Group Moderating Services.

3. Member of Advisory Board-We all make comments and give suggestions, but advising is entirely a different task. The member of the advisory board have to show the brilliance with evaluation of the works of the group, rather than editing, proof reading or making a comment/suggestion. It needs the skill to guide the group about what kind of topics and posts are to be invited from the members. Thus, if one advises at least 3 topics, one can be the Member of Advisory Board of Groups of the Life Dynamix.

4. Online Human Resource Developer-There can be many blog, website, directory, referrals, affiliations many other links, which anyone can put. It is an Online Human Resource Task and at the same time, an earning resource in some cases. For example, one can have blog with link at this group; the visitors going to the blog can generate some pocket money that can be put for the benefit of the Life Dynamix Community and yours as well. If you can provide 5 such links you can be Online Human Resource Developer of Life Dynamix (Superior to simply being a Webmaster as it includes Online Research Work).

5. The Best Volunteer-You see the human resource development has one greater step and that is to be a volunteer. Now, anyone can be a volunteer, however with more than 3 posts each with links to any blog and or website can give the credits for the volunteer status, but one can be the Best Volunteer of the Group of Life Dynamix if the posts reach 10 with all linked to the other major websites and or the blogs. It can be the personal blogs as well.

6. The Panel of Judges-One can be judge in anything posted or submitted to the Group, however it is must that one gives the details of category that one wants to be a judge. If one has more than one field for the judging ability, kindly let us know. Anyone selected for the Panel will get the Certificate of Member of Panel of Judges for the Life Dynamix Groups.

*Special Note: All the Award Certificates of Excellency in any or all of above categories will be from the Fonder and CEO, Life Dynamix, Steven Ferrel. So, it is subjected to the approval from the Life Dynamix with the name of the Group appearing on the Award of Excellency Certificates.

*SPECIAL FEATURE: We are going to put all published works present on our group as the Newsletter that will be send monthly to all members with all features that we have discussed about group members with all details as the editorial, advisory board and names of all selected members for the voluntary staff. The other members will have their names appearing with active links they provide (of their websites, blogs and any other way chosen, so please do not miss the opportunity. Simply subscribing to the Wellness Newsletter going to about 600,000 will have it included as well. Thus, all of the works and activities of the group will go to so many readers, online viewers and down-loaders, who can enjoy the Group Dynamix from Life Dynamix.

Moreover, we will keep adding new features and using the united and the unified way with all groups that are created in the LifeDynamix Community. Anyone can give link of any submission to be viewed from this group. In return the group host(s) can select any submission from this group as well. It will be considered as group interactivity as if the Group Dynamic Activity. If any group submits more than 5 submissions, it will be Awarded as the Best Interactive Group of the Month by the Life Dynamix appearing as a logo and or sign for the awarded group. The Groups can also be from the outside the Life Dynamix, and as the members submit it, the award will be in the appropriate way as explained below for the All kinds of Website and the Blogs.

The same is true for the Blogs. As discussed in the guidelines, anyone can submit link to the website, blog on Life Dynamix and or outside. A Special Award of the Best Interactive Website and or Blog for both the LifeDynamix and the Outsider Contributor will be awarded that one can show on the Website and or the Blog in the relevant/appropriate site.

If you have any suggestion kindly leave it as the comment or email to, and please note these are the approved features, including the personal email id, from the CEO, Life Dynamix.

Please also view and read the Group: Rights of Natural World

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