A Place of Endless Magic & Possibilities

The Flame - The Flame Station is used to communicate with the outside world from The Island only through an unknown secret code. It was protected with a self-destruct mechanism that was meant to protect the Station from the Hostiles/Others. It is situated on the middle left side of the Blast Door Map inside the tape border. This Station was discovered by Kate Austen, John Locke, Sayid Jarrah and Danielle Rousseau.

The Hydra - The Hydra Station appears to be a biological research facility located on a smaller island not far from the main LOST island. Jack was held there during his initial imprisonment by the Others, and Jack, Kate and Sawyer were all eventually imprisoned there by the Others, as was Karl. This facility appears to contain large holding tanks for sea creatures, such as for sharks and dolphins, as well as above-ground cages for animals such as the polar bears. Karl stated that "projects" were conducted on this island. It was at this Station that Jack operated on Ben. Room 23 is also located here. This Station's symbol contains an image of a hydra. It may be located on the bottom right section of the Blast Door Map, outside of the tape border, where it says "Possible location of zoological research facility".

The Looking Glass - The Looking Glass Station is an underwater facility, visited by Charlie and Desmond, which houses communications equipment, the submarine sonar beacon, and the jamming equipment. Bonnie and Greta were guarding the equipment there. Charlie died there after Mikhail blew out a communications room window with a grenade, thus flooding the room. This Station's symbol contains a rabbit.

The Orchid - According to Dr. Candle, this Station was used to study the Casimir Effect and other island anomalies. A freak accident occurred here when a second #15 rabbit appeared out of nowhere while the video was being recorded. Dr. Candle immediately insisted that the filming be stopped. This Station was disguised as a botanical research laboratory. We have yet to actually see this Station outside of the Orchid Station Orientation Video, and we don't know what its symbol is yet, although it is more than likely an orchid.

The Pearl - The Pearl Station was a facility used to monitor DHARMA members in other Stations, such as The Swan. The Pearl workers appeared to carry on some type of psychological work. It may possibly be represented by the circle and large question mark located in the center of the Blast Door Map. This Station was first discovered by Nikki and Paulo, and then later again by Mr. Eko and John Locke. This Station's symbol contains a white filled-in circle, probably symbolic of a pearl.

The Staff - The Staff, or Caduceus Station, is the medical facility where Claire was taken in order to be given a vaccine, as well as to deliver Aaron. Sun later visited this same facility with Juliet in order to determine when she had conceived. It is situated on the middle left side of the Blast Door Map inside the tape border. This Station was discovered by Claire Littleton, Kate Austen and Danielle Rousseau. This Station's symbol consists of the medical symbol of two snakes on a staff.

The Swan - The Swan Station, also known as The Hatch, was used to study and regulate the magnetic anomaly on the island. The anomaly was controlled using a computer, along with the 108 reset button. This Station eventually imploded, after Desmond used the fail-safe key, resulting in the second "Purple Sky Day". It was discovered by John Locke and Boone. Similar to The Arrow Station, the word "QUARANTINE" is printed on the inside of its door. It was in this Station that the Blast Door Map was also discovered by John Locke, although Desmond already knew about it. It is situated on the bottom of the Blast Door Map inside the tape border. This Station's symbol contains an image of a swan.

The Tempest - The Tempest Station provides power to the island. It is also here where Daniel Faraday neutralized the poisonous gas. It was discovered by Charlotte Lewis, Daniel Faraday and Juliet Burke. This Station's symbol contains an ocean wave.

The Temple - The Temple is more than likely another DHARMA Station, being as it is represented by a DHARMA symbol on the map that Ben gave to Danielle, Alex and Karl. It appears to be located between two mountain ranges, perhaps not too far from the shoreline. Ben stated that it may be the only safe place left on the island. It may be protected by the Black Smoke Monster.

The Magic Door - This Station is not found on the Blast Door Map, possibly because it may not even be real. In the episode "Live Together, Die Alone", while at the so-called "Decoy Village", the Survivors saw a door which had been guarded by two of the Others. Later, upon opening it, Sayid discovered that there was nothing behind the door but a recessed rock wall. The video for this Station contains no information whatsoever.

The Arrow - The exact purpose of The Arrow Station currently remains unknown. It was possibly a storage facility, being as the Survivors found boxes, the glass eye and the Bible there. It is situated on top of the Blast Door Map, inside the tape border. This Station was discovered by the tail section survivors, who in fact stayed there for a time. On the inside of the Station's door is printed the word "QUARANTINE".

The Bear - According to The Bear Orientation Video, The Bear Station was dedicated to testing an assortment of food products which had been developed by the DHARMA Initiative, who believe that the quality of food has deteriorated over the past thirty years. It's location on the Blast Door Map is uncertain at this time. It may possibly be marked as C3? or C4? on the map. This Station has not yet been discovered by the Survivors yet and maybe never will.

U.S. ARMY Teleport - 04/08/1952 - Construction

U.S. ARMY Teleport - 8/15/1953 - Completed

Teleport Trial Tests

U.S. ARMY Teleport - 8/16/1954 - H Bomb Incident

U.S. ARMY - Teleport Incident - Third Island Destroyed - 9/23/1955