Helping People Help The World

Can one person truly make a difference? Studies demonstrate that one active individual who resonates with happy and healthy energy has the ability to positively influence thousands of people. Most that interact with these gifted individuals feel better and interact with others in a healthier manner and the magic spreads.

Visualize a world where millions of people are better able to help themselves and better able to help others. This is the vision that Steven and his father Dr. James Ferrel share along with thousands who have joined a website they have created They are dedicated to making a difference for a better world by helping millions feel better and to better equip these people to help others feel better.

They created a free wellness course to help people access healthy and healing energies. This innovative course enhances health and happiness and certifies a person as a Wellness Specialist. Those who pass the exam are granted the privilege to utilize the initials C.W.S. which symbolizes expertise in mental mastery, nutrition, fitness, toxic free living, bio-energetic medicine and helping others.

They want everyone to have access to this valuable information so they created a way to provide it free for all who have access to the internet.

Steven and James encourage all to access their true potential and explore the possibilities that they have to offer. According to Steven, “Everyone has the ability to benefit this beautiful world. The more aspects of wellness that a person implements the easier it is for them to access healthy energies. When people feel better they are generally kinder, more compassionate and have a greater sense of oneness for all life and the planet as well. We are all given are own unique tools, but it is up to us what we decide to build and how magnificent it will be, and when we unite with others for the greater good what we build will be even more magnificent!”

Would you like to be one of those who influences thousands of people in a positive manner? Would the world be a better place because of you?

I think it would!

The complimentary wellness course teaches how can we make a difference in our personal life and all around us. When we improve our wellness it leads to wellness of all - a contribution that makes a difference.

You can get your complimentary wellness course and unite for the greater good at the Wellness community at