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Dr. Harmander Singh wrote at December 24, 2015
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Dear Manoj Ji! Wish you a Very Happy and Blessed Birthday and Christmas!


May God Bless!

Last Update on December 24, 2015 by Dr. Harmander Singh
Dr. Harmander Singh
AllAbout wrote at December 25, 2011
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Steven Ferrel wrote at December 25, 2011
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Thank you Manoj...
Merry Christmas Christmas
Steven Ferrel
DorothyNed wrote at September 15, 2010
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Hi: Thanks for connecting as my friend. What contribution may I be in your life or business?

My purpose and mission is facilitating healing people from the inside out and educating people to realize that they are activated from within; that life and healing come from within; and ultimately that the maintenance of health is superior to masking symptoms and disease with Prescriptions/ Chemicals/Radiation or cutting out body parts. (All diagnosis from A to Z - Abdominal Pain to Zits) Yes, the Big 'C,' MS, Heart Disease, Bi-Polar, Depression, Diabetes, Anxiety, High Blood Pressure, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Lou Gehrig's Dis-ease, Panic Attacks, OCD, ADD, ADHD and the list includes all diagnosis.

My work includes Past Life Regression, Spirit Releases, Life Between Life and Soul Retrieval.

You can contribute by passing my information.

I work face-to-face, phone (480-794-1561) or Skype--DorothyNed

Aug/Sept. Special: Initial session $150 Savings: $30

Best Regards,
Steven Ferrel wrote at September 6, 2010
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Hello my friend...I hope that you are enjoying a delightful day!
Steven Ferrel
Dr. Harmander Singh wrote at March 30, 2010
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Dear Manoj, thanks brother, your broad mind spreads light as if life experiences itself. Thanks and May God Bless!
Dr. Harmander Singh
Dr. Harmander Singh wrote at March 29, 2010
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Thanks for everything - your inspiring presence!
Dr. Harmander Singh
Steven Ferrel wrote at December 24, 2009
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Christmas May your holidays be blessed my friend! Christmas2
Steven Ferrel
Steven Ferrel wrote at December 24, 2009
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Happy Birthday!
Steven Ferrel
Jason wrote at October 6, 2009
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Thank you for the kind message my friend Smile I hope that you are having a great week.
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INDIA-N (Christian = Protestant) you may term as Lutheran, Baptist, Evangelical, Methodist. I work in Kuwait from 1994 onwards. I am not a citizen of Kuwait, but I reside and work in Kuwait based on a work permit (visa), and it is needless to mention here that I am always grateful to the fine citizens and the government of this country for allowing me to live and work in this beautiful small oil rich arab country.

I was born on Christmas Eve ie., 24th December...wonderful isn't it. Occasionally I go to India on vacation to meet my Mom and Younger Brother. I am not rich neither I am with a very high post, I am a very simple, ordinary, easygoing, open mined person. I am not religious or fundamentalist, but live life like one should, laying the axe on certain things which are of ungodly nature. I had a profile in MySpace which had been a regular victim of spammers and hackers for a long time. I had to delete that profile and create this new one

HOW CAN I ASSIST SOMEONE: If you are a MANUFACTURER, EXPORTER or a TECHNICAL SERVICING INDUSTRY looking to do business in Kuwait / Gulf area (I know much about Kuwait because I work in Kuwait) and are unable to find a particular source, and if you feel like contacting someone in Kuwait for information and approach me, I will do my best to source and give you the contacts of the Importers / Companies with whom you can deal directly "at your own risk" and do your business/s. My main knowledge lies in materials in line of engineering, and then if you are looking food products, cosmetics or clothes importers I will at my spare time try to find some importers for you. Further more in the last 12 years I have dealt extensively with many companies around the globe ie., in Asia / Far East Asia, Middle East, Europe, Scandinavia, America etc., and "possibly" would be also able to help / suggest you sources for your trade there. This I am doing just for assisting you "I do not or will not expect anything from you." Taking advantage of this kindly do not send spam business interests and emails, I will block you from corresponding with me in this site as well as in MySpace site (if approached there) further blocking any email addresses of yours coming to my email address.

IF YOU ARE A BUSINESSMAN / ENTREPRENEUR – OR – A BUSINESS FIRM / CONGLOMERATE :- You are always welcomed for a discussion relating to the nature of business you have in mind, your assumption of its position in the local market & the region now and in the near future whether it be in goods or services and how you are willing to proceed ? For example: Construction Company, Opening Franchise Restaurant / Hotels / Super Markets, Trading House dealing in Engineering Equipments for local industrial & construction purposes as well as for Power, Oil, Gas and Water Sectors etc…etc.,

I AM A PERSON WHO ALWAYS LIKE TO ASSIST someone in any ways possible. If you like to know/understand something about International Trade, Costing & Banking, something about business in Local or International arena, Engineering, Art (oil/water color painting, line art / sketch, delicate paper cuttings - I myself am an Artist on multiple hobbies, but could not concentrate much on that after I came to Kuwait), poems or songs just drop me a message. I have read hundreds of books on various subjects and also occasionally write poems, songs and articles but most of them end up in the dust bin after I read it once or twice, as I have not concentrated much on that pitch, but I would surely love to read the ones written by anyone.

WHAT IS MY WORK EXPERIENCE: Managed Restaurant, Managed Family owned Garage, 5 Star Hotel Engineering Dept. Assistant for looking after / supervising all engineering maintenance of whole hotel, Executive Secretary for the Director in a renowned tile manufacturing company, Costing, Banking, Showroom Sales, presently Business Dev. Executive of the company as well as Executive Secretary for the Managing Director. Over the years I have worked under pressure several times at various levels and by the grace of God know handling situations in such levels when faced. International Languages fluency: English/Hindi & Urdu/Arabic/Kannada/Malayalam and some others. Learning any languages in a very short period has been always a easy task for me.*********Given the above experience and close involvement in most dept. in all places I worked I am quite capable in handling/managing as an executive any Industry/Company/Hotels of Small / Medium or Large Scale.

Here for: Networking, Friends
Hometown: Mangalore (Karnataka) INDIA,
Body type: 5' 4" / Average
Ethnicity: Mangalorean - India-N (South East Asia).
Religion: Protestant (Christian)
Children: Someday
Education: Some college
Occupation: Exe. Secretary / Business Dev. Executive
My Space:
Blogs: The BLOGS which are written by me are not calendar events, but they are articles inspired by thoughts and true stories in light of scriptures. You can click on BLOGS to read them.
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