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The Wellness Messenger is a health magazine that contains wellness messages from the Community at Life Dynamix.

These editions appear in a digital format. Only our main corporate sponsor appears in the print edition.

Arizona Edition

Reservations must be made prior to June 5th for the Summer 2015 edition.

Businesses For The Greater Good

Sponsors whose orginization is designed to help this beautiful world become a better place are included in a new section of the Wellness Messenger Magazine called "Businesses For Better World."

This section features business that contribute to the greater good. You will share with us a little about your business and what it does to promote wellness for a better world.

The Wellness Messenger contains wellness messages from the community of Wings For All and Life Dynamix.

These editions appear in a digital format.
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Click here or the image below for a digital edition of the Wellness Messenger health magazine.

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Amazing Price
A full page ad with additional exposure can equate to $215 per issue.

Brilliant Exposure
Over 7,500 newsletter subscribers from, and www.BlissPlanet.comare sent the online version along with over 5,000 community members of Wings For All.

How Can Your Prices Be So Low?
We understand the current economic challenge and provide amazing prices and brilliant exposure because of our low overhead and desire to contribute for the greater good. Our first intention was to create a unique and effective way to inform wellness oriented people about our community at Life Dynamix and the complimentary wellness course that it provides. With an online magazine and large number of newsletter subscribers the online magazine became the answer.

Digital Magazine With Page Flip Technology
An eco friendly digital magazine that allows readers to click on your ad taking them to your website. The digital edition is sent to our over 100,000 newsletter subscribers and is available online for all visitors to view. Please push the Full Screen and the 1:1 button to view the text and images in actual size and best quality.

* The digital editions remain active for the life of Life many years from now your ad will be online. With Life Dynamix's current growth rate this alone has enormous potential for brilliant exposure*

Print Magazine Ads Are Not Part Of The Print Edition
We are eco friendly and encourage readership of the digital magazine, however, we do print a small quantity (Currently 1,500) to promote online readership. These copies are shared at wellness events in the United States and health and wellness stores. As a sponsor of the Wellness Messenger Magazine we gladly send you a print edition. Please note that your ad will not be part of the print edition.

Magazine Page On The Site
Click here to see how each edition is incorporated on the site. Not only is the online magazine sent to over 100,000 newsletter subscriber it is up on our high traffic site for all visitors to view.

Upcoming Issue Page
Your logo, slogan and website is included in the Upcoming Issue Page. This page gives thanks to those organizations that make the upcoming issue possible and provides immediate exposure for our sponsors.

Additional Exposure With Other Popular Social Networks
Social networks can be a great way to drive traffic. We have an enormous presence on many popular social networks. For example, Life Dynamix has over 30 profiles promoting Life Dynamix on myspace with many of these profiles with over 5,000 friends. Bulletins and updates regarding the magazine are delivered to the friends on these networks. We are installing an integration that allows for Life Dynamix members to instantly update their Facebook and Twitter accounts. This integration allows instant access to inform additional people about the magazine through these fast growing networks.

The MAGAZINE features
  • Inspirational wellness messages
  • How to Make A Difference for People, Animals, & the Planet
  • Health tips & information
  • Interviews with wellness pioneers
  • Experts answer health questions
  • Healthy Recipes
  • And Much More

    All magazine ads are full page size. The digital version is 470 pixels wide and 440 pixels tall. Need An Ad? If you do not have your own ad we will gladly create your ad at no additional cost.

    Are you a Life Dynamix member?
    The Wellness Messenger is your magazine all Life Dynamix members are granted a substantial discount. Click here to contact us for member rates.

    Price Issue Rate Magazine Ads Purchase

    $275 $275 1 Issue
    $430 $215 2 Issues

    Life Dynamix targets those interested in wellness. It caters to a slightly female audience with approximately 68% of its community members being female. Most members reside in the United States and are educated, slightly affluent, and between the ages of 18 - 48.

    Female - Male Ratio
    68% Female
    32% Male

    41% of the members are between the ages of 35 - 48
    37% of the members are between the ages of 18 - 34
    13% of the members are over the age of 50
    9% of the members are under 18 years of age

    46% College Education
    34% No College
    20% Grad School

    27% $60 - 100k
    26% $100k and above
    24% $30 - 60k
    22% $0 - 30K

    71% United States
    16% Canada
    13% Other

    Wellness For A Better World!