Wellness Messages

We all have our own unique voice and when the intention of that voice is to help others our voices harmonize for the greater good. Please share your message of wellness in either a blog or video. These healing messages are meant to spread hope, love and inspiration. Together our voices of wellness will echo throughout the world!

Write a blog with your wellness message. Many of the messages in this area will be added to the Wellness Messenger Magazine.
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Record a video segment sharing your message of wellness and add it to our videos.
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Spreading The Message of Wellness For The Greater Good

The Life Dynamix Wellness Community is for those who are passionate about learning and helping children, adults, animals, and our beautiful planet. It is a place that all can share, inspire, support, learn and grow in almost all possible ways - through writing, audio, video, chat and pictorial works.

It is dedicated to spreading the Message of Wellness for the Greater Good.

For both in times of Peace and War each started with a Message. Either the Message of Loving energies that formulate Kindness, Peace, and Healing, or the Message of Fear which creates Hatred, Violence, and Sickness.

The seeds for this community were planted with love in hopes that its members will help them blossom. We envision a magical garden that will nourish and enrich the lives of many.