Are antifoaming agents in food necessary?

From the food additives list we know that there are many categories of food additives appear in our life. Such as acidity regulators, anticaking agents, antifoaming agents, bleaching agents, emulsifiers, enzymes, flavour enhancers, sweeteners, thickeners, preservatives, stabilizer and coagulators, bulking agents, nutrition enhancer, spices and so on. Are they safe? What are food additives? Should we live without them?

We need food every day, for food can provide us energy. Sometimes, I 'd like to make breakfast for my family. There's no doubt that milk and soya bean milk is the most common part of our food. The homemade milk may have a lot of bubbles. It's funny to a kid, but this may not be convenient for them to drink. Why so? Due to the function of saponin and the nature of soybean protein, a lot of foam will be produced in the process of fermentation, mixing, boiling and concentration when the beans pulp. This affects the normal operation. Antifoaming agents are the food additives that can eliminate the bubble, so food additives are always be the part of them. But the milk in the store is not like that. Common bean antifoaming agents are higher alcohol fatty acid ester complex, emulsifying silicon oil, polyoxyethylene glycerol ether, etc.

The tested and qualified antifoaming agents are allowed to use in food foam, but antifoaming agents in food must be added according to the prescribed dose. When the temperature is 70 ℃~90 ℃, the percentage should be 0. 1%~0. 3% by weight of dry soybeans. Add it to the soy milk according to the proportion, and mix it as well. After using the soy milk seem to be more light and consistency. Generally the large processing enterprises use antifoaming agents, but small processing sites such as breakfast stores are not recommended to use them.

Antifoaming agents have the capabilities to antifoaming or suppressing foam, because they have very low surface tension enters and destroys the film. When antifoaming agents are added to foam media and fall to the surface of the bubble, they effectively reduce the surface tension of the contact point, and a weak point is produced outside the foam.

In many cases, food without food additives are less safer. According to the modern life and the development of food industry, the shelf time is a problem. Although food additives ensure the freshness and quality of food, but excessive food additives can also cause great harm to humans.

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