How can use food additives in a right way?

When it refers to food safety, it is unavoidable to think about food additives. Food safety is related to the health of our body. Food involves substandard and illegal additives are the result of irresponsible business. Therefore, strict supervision by regulators is necessary, and the illegal business who produce substandard food must not be tolerated. Improve relevant laws and regulations, manage distribution channels for food additives and scrutiny the substandard food are the measures that should be taken. In order to get consumers to eat at ease and ensure the safety of consumers, the maximum limits use of food additives and daily intake also should be clear.

The man-made chemical agents Sudan are familiar to most people. Human stem-cell research shows that it has potential carcinogenic properties, most States prohibit their use for food production. But Sudan is not food additives, it is the illegal additive. So, how should we treat about the food safety?

According to read food labels, people can understand some ingredients such as water, sugar, etc. But some professional terms such as gelatin or maltodextrin are not widely understood. Such as maltodextrin. It is produced from starch by partial hydrolysis and used as a food additive. Maltodextrin is easier to digest than starch molecule, so it has some benefits for postoperative patients who are with poor digestion if added to their foods. Many manufacturers add it to paste powder sugar-free foods, but maltodextrin raise blood sugar very quickly and is not suitable for diabetics and dieters to eat.

At present, there are 1500 types of additives in food of international standard. There are three main issues as to the use of food additives: illegal use, beyond the scope of use and excessive use. The use of them is aims to improve food quality and color, flavor and taste, and the need for the preservation and processing.

According to the example of food additives, preservatives is one of the most widely used food additives. If foods without preservatives, a large number of bacteria breeding can easily lead to its deterioration. This will not only cause waste, but also easy to cause food poisoning, all kinds of gastrointestinal diseases, and even lead to death. Even it is the standard variety, it has a strict limit to its use and the scope. Food preservatives in the purpose is to ensure food safety. Do not worry about it will hurt the body as long as it is in strict accordance with the implementation. Choose reliable and standard food suppliers for Food Additives that can make you eat at ease.

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