Heather Barker

Natural healing Changing Lives

Hi. My name is Heather and I hope my story gets read and shared. I want the whole world to know there is hope, no matter what illness you are going through.

Your life will soon change, just have faith and hang on my friend. In life we have different paths that we must follow and I am so glad we choose the right path.
We journeyed down the path toward great health and again you can too.My husband is 28 but ever since the age of 15 he has had daily headaches. They just recently became severe to where the pain started to get
unbearable. He had throbbing pains shooting through his left eye and forehead. He said he could feel his blood pumping through his skull.
He started to become nauseous and fatigue and started having left sharp body pains. He was also confused and had trouble seeing.
One week before Thanksgiving, my husband started feeling bad, stood up and then fell to the ground. He was sick.
My husband and I have four kids, an 8 yr old, 5 yr old, 3 yr old and an 11 month old. We were all worried for my husband because the next day he slept until
7pm. There were many tears shed from my children and I. It is so hard to see the one you grew up with and love so much suffer and know
there is nothing that you can do but sit there and watch them in pain. Migraine after Migraine, and chest pains, and all the symptoms daily, my
husband had dealt with the pain and tolerated it. Two days before Thanksgiving, he got really bad and as a person who hates going to the
doctor he immediately told me, You have got to take me now, something is not right with me." We went to the Emergency Room that same day, they ran a Cat
Scan and the results came back. My husband had two cysts both located on the temporal lobe of his brain. Those cysts were causing him to have
chronic migraines daily. The doctors said that my husband probably developed them at birth and they just grew in size over the years.
The doctor also said that they would not operate and remove them due to their location. The only thing that could be done was basically to deal
with the pain by taking prescription medication daily. They prescribed him a medication for 9 tablets for $180, the price was bad but
when we researched the side effects my husband said he would just bear with the pain before adding additional problems that the side effects
could possibly cause. Imagine having a headache everyday, my husband could not live if he did not have double doses of tyelenol extra
strength. This is just a summary of what my husband used to encounter on a daily basis.

Please keep reading, it gets better!

One week before Thanksgiving, a good friend of my husband's introduced us to a company near where we live in North Carolina. This company distributes only
natural and beyond organic products. My husband was not interested at all and blew it off. My husband is a computer programmer. He started to build a website,
researched the company himself and gathered information together. He was amazed in just hours of what he had found. It was as if a swith
went from off to on. He was immediately drawn to this company. He would not stop talking about how great they were and begin educating me on their history. Our excitement
for this company grew daily even before we received our package.
That same day we placed an order to try for ourselves and see how great this supplement was for the body. We were anxious to receive our supplement.
The same day we got the bad news about my husband having two cysts on his brain, it felt as if our life had shattered and was torn apart.
Later that night we arrived home to find our package on our door step. My saddened husband looks at the package, smiles and says, "That's what my body needs." From that night on, he started
taking the Nature's Pearl Muscadine Grape Seed Extract, and instantly begin to change for the better. His migraines turned to headaches and his headaches turned to having none.
After 8 days of taking the supplement he finally was able to enjoy life. This company being brought to our attention was truly a blessing and to think that we almost let it slip by
is scary. Things that are real in life that are meant for you will never slip away. This was the answer to our prayers. We now had a solution. I am still to this day blown away by this company.
He had been held hostage all these years just like a prisoner in his own body. He finally is free and can feel normal. My husband and I then told each other,
we wanted to be apart of this company for we could touch and help so many people, just like we were helped.

My mission for everyday is to touch the lives of those out there seeking answers. We were just like you seeking answers but had no clue where to turn,
It was kind of like being in a maze and going back in the same circle but not getting no where. I am here to tell you today that I promise you there is hope. I
never knew that I would be typing so many words to others, that my fingers would be so tired and I want to stop typing but I can't because someone out
there in this world is going through what my family went through. I will not stop for my family has been blessed, my husband is healthy again and I must
spread this word. God has blessed us with this company and now I am spreading the word around so you may be blessed too. You soon will not have to
struggle anymore. Stop feeding your body chemicals, but start giving your body natural. When we feed our body natural our body begins to heal itself.

The more we started loving what this company and supplement was doing for my husband and family, the more we learned about other great health benefits.
The same CEO of Le Bleu Water is the same CEO of this company. This company is one of the only that have human clinical trials at Wake Forest
University. From their research, this supplement made from a Muscadine Grape Seed, is helping people with all types of cancers, such as skin, breast, colon, lung, prostate,
and more. Just like the medical field, this does not in any way treat, cure or diagnose. This supplement is a powerful
antioxidant that is great for your whole body and helps with your immune system. It is time that you start to feel like your old self again. I promise you,
if you have faith in this company your health will start to blossom and be renewed.

If you are interested in more information, please go to www.NaturesPearlOpportunities.com
Fill out the form on the website and we will contact you with more information.

I hope our story will make a difference for someone. Even touching one person, I know we will not stop spreading the word.

God blessed us and now it is your turn!

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