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Climate change is now acknowledged as one of the greatest threats to civilization, with everyone from politicians, to supermarkets, to schools and even celebrities catching the green bug - over 30 years after Chantal Cooke.

If living ethically is a fashion statement - Chantal Cooke hit the catwalk aged just eight years old when she wrote her first environmental article. She's been concerned with sustainability and her environmental impact since childhood, becoming a vegetarian as a teenager in the days when it was still considered 'weird' or 'hippy'. Chantal Cooke was using her journalistic skills to engage and inform people about their impact on the planet while the Government still displayed little recognition of any problem, let alone any appetite for action.

Chantal is an environmental expert, speaker and professional journalist and is available for interview. For example she could discuss why she wrote her first environmental article aged just eight years old, what provoked such an early passion and how she kept her beliefs for over three decades, before turning her passion for the planet into a career. Chantal also has plenty of useful tips to help others live an ethical life without feeling as though you're giving up all that's fun in life!

For over 20 years, before starting her company; Passion for the Planet, Chantal worked for the BBC and independent radio stations in the UK and abroad. Chantal has now become one of Britain's top environmental journalists whose priority is to inform and inspire us to choose a more sustainable, ethical and healthier lifestyle. She does this primarily via the UK's only environmentally focused radio station, Passion for the Planet, which she co-founded.

In addition to running Passion for the Planet Chantal writes a regular column on ethical living for "The 3rdi" magazine and bi-monthly Eco Tips for "Healthy Living" magazine.

Earlier this year Chantal was appointed a London Leader in Sustainability, launching her 'Munch Less Meat' campaign, encouraging London to consume less meat. (Producing 1kg of beef results in more CO2 emissions than going for a three-hour drive while leaving all the lights on at home).

Chantal has received considerable recognition and many awards for her work as an environmental expert and ethical business woman. Her awards include the Triodos Women in Ethical Business Award, The Green Business Award (twice!) in the Green Guardian Awards, as well a British Environment and Media Award (BEMA).

And how does Chantal feel about the fact the Copenhagen talks are occurring over 30 years since she first decided to join the fight against climate change?

"Better late than never! Through our actions I hope we can inspire the next generation - after all it's their future we are playing with. This isn't about giving up all the trappings of a modern life - its about changing our behaviours, making different choices, while still living our life to the full. I see being environmentally conscious as an aspiration, not a burden. It doesn't matter whether you believe climate change is man made or not - surely using our resources more efficiently is a good thing under any circumstances?

"Sustainability is much more than just "green". It's about our health; physical, mental and spiritual. That's why health and environment are the ying & yang of Passion for the Planet's programming - you can't have one without the other. We need to motivate and empower adults and children so that our efforts grow to make a real difference to energy, food and resources. With politicians discussing it at the Copenhagen talks there has never been a better time!"

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Chantal Cooke is an experienced broadcaster and is available for interview, written commissions and comment.
Chantal is a professional journalist, having interviewed 1000s of environmental academics Chantal is an expert at getting to the heart of an issue.
Chantal co-founded Passion for the Planet radio: the only mainstream station providing you with solutions for a green and healthy lifestyle. Playing music from around the world, mixed with interviews and features focused on your health, environment and personal development. Tune in on DAB and online at: