The Patch 4.1 Of FFXIV: Range From Rank 4 Reward To Rank 1 Reward

In Final Fantasy XIV, there are new raid encounters, revamped combat mechanics, treasure hunting, the return of fan-favorite inspector Hildibrand Manderville, new minions, hairstyles, emotes and much, much more. Check out the official The Legend Returns website for a full accounting of the new stuff, find more at here.

Final Fantasy XIV's patch 4.1 have already launched, Now, let's take a look at many changes to these veteran rewards:

Leonhart Attire (Rank 4 Reward)
Set Contents: Leonhart Jacket, Leonhart Gloves, Leonhart Bottoms, Leonhart Boots Previously Rank 14 with 1440 subscription days, to be shortened to 330 days.

Wild Rose Attire (Rank 3 Reward)
Set Contents: Wild Rose Bandana, Wild Rose Cuirass, Wild Rose Armguards, Wild Rose Breeches, Wild Rose Boots
Previously Rank 11 with 840 subscription days, to be shortened to 240 days.

Tantalus Attire (Rank 2 Reward)
Set Contents: Tantalus Vest, Tantalus Cuffs, Tantalus Breeches, Tantalus Boots
Previously Rank 13 with 1080 subscription days, to be shortened to 150 days.

Advent Attire (Rank 1 Reward)
Set Contents: Strife Vest, Strife Gloves, Strife Bags, Strife Boots
Previously rank 10 with 720 subscription days, to be shortened to 60 days.

Stay tuned for more information on Final Fantasy XIV updates as it becomes available. In addition, you will make no effort to get cheap and safe Final Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling.

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