Life is learning.
My name is Christoph and I am a life long free thinker and truth seeker. During the course of my personal life and learning experiences I have tried to understand the meaning of existence, the motivation behind human behavior, the underlying reasons for suffering, conflict, violence and war and the essence of God, love, happiness, freedom and peace. This quest has lead me through some very unique and life transforming experiences, all of which have provided me with much significant insight and knowledge. I am now at the point in my life where I would share this awareness with others in form of physical and virtual workshops, seminars, and lectures, while at the same time facilitating study groups for like-minded people who are also interested in the exploration of truth, knowledge and wisdom.

To learn more please view my channel on youtube where you have free access to countless video presentations dedicated to the exploration of topics such as philosophy, spirituality, psychology, the essence of empowerment, enlightenment, inspiration, motivation, communication, conscious evolution and personal development:

You can meet me almost every day between 6-8 pm on in 'A room for conscious rEvolution', located under the category 'Spirituality' and 'Metaphysical'. To participate all you need is a computer with speakers so you can follow the conversation, and a microphone (not required) if you want express yourself verbally.

For more information please contact me directly via email, phone or internet messenger.

Thank you for visiting my page and it would be nice to talk to you further and explore synergistic possibilities.

In love and light,

aka realize2actualize

Teacher of Learning
Practicing Philosopher

C 707 410 6352
W 707 427 6465

Yahoo/ Paltalk sn: realize2actualize
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We are what we learn
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Christmas May your holidays be blessed my friend!
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Happy Birthday!
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