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Bear Break-Ins
Posted July 24, 2008 by ronni
For those who have read my previous blog about the bear you know that I had seen one. Well, there have been more sightings in the last several days which have kept me pretty busy. And oh, fixing the door the bear broke in was a major priority. Yeah, the bear literally broke the door in in his quest for food...and let's just say that he had Thanksgiving dinner in the house and then again on the deck. And if him eating all my food and breaking the door wasn't enough this week, he decided that the neighbors should suffer the same damage. In a matter of four days, the bear has proceeded to break-in to my house once, the neighbors next to me once, and the neighbors across from me...twice. And this is no little bear either...let's just say from the picture I have of this bear from the other day that he has to be about 400-450 pounds. So, I am in a hotel again, not yet ready to deal with the house and the bear.