Thank you for visiting my profile page and taking the time to see whats in store here.

I am outgoing, extroverted and interesting person just like you, who likes to experience new things, discover and understand more about the world around me and see what i can do with it. There is so much that life has to offer, that I feel I am going to get old without knowing much.

In this interesting journey of my life so far, I have under-estimated, ridiculed and doubted the capacity and the possibility of many things including my dreams.

And I can only say one thing to everybody who are passionate about their own personal experience - Do not let the limitation of your own mind stand in your way. Make your journey grand and memorable - Carpe Diem or "seize the day'. Put your best in. You will reap the benefits.

I like to bring about positive changes in people's lives and the environment I am living in and seem to work consciously or sub-consciously towards it. I think that life is very dynamic, you might feel that nothing is happening at one point of time but there's actually a lot of changes taking place, subtle ones that you may not even notice at first instance.

The fact that there is always room for improvement gets me going. I do go overboard sometimes in finding perfection so much so that I miss the big picture.

I am passionate about health and wellness. My secret desire is to see people live healthy and happy lives. And I personally believe, it don't matter what problems you are going through namely physical, health, emotional, financial or any other - there is always a solution. All you have to do is look, to think of the various possibilities and sometimes out of the box...look at it from a third person's viewpoint, discuss with someone close. These are some great ways of finding a solution. The bottom line is you don't give up.
I think implementing wellness in my personal life has been a challenge. I am constantly shuffling, changing, mixing and matching, turning things upside down, creating, destroying and recreating again. Its like a whirl wind brewing inside of me...but I appear really calm on the outside.

To feel good, I make sure I keep myself busy. So, in my free time I like to read a lot, cook, exercise, do yoga or meditation, meet up with friends, write articles.

Well, luckily I don't do a full time job. I do believe I'd like to be the master of my own time. So, when I am in the mood to make or lose some money - I invest in the stock market.
Personal health and well being should be a priority in everybody's life. The truth is if you feel good from inside, you'll be able to share healthy energies with the outside world. That takes an extra effort. It means you not only have to work extra hard on your inner world but also how you react to the environment outside of you.

There are a lot of exercises that you can do to get a hold on yourself, ground yourself and find peace and equilibrium(balance).

I'd love to share a short list - starting with

1.Take Conscious deep breaths - Breathing is therapeutic. Believe it or not, it actually helps relax your body, cooling it down, giving you extra time to think. This is the best exercise so far, as it slows down the speed of thoughts racing in your mind.

2.Smile a lot - When I meet new people, I always make sure I greet them with a smiling face and a warm handshake. It makes the other person feel comfortable and appreciated. We all like to hang out with happy people...

3.Appreciate, be genuine - There is a huge difference in appreciating someone and genuinely appreciating someone. Feel it to express it else it looks fake. Appreciate everything around you...its a great feeling, when you know you are blessed and make other's feel the same way too.

4.Don't reason everything that happens in your life - What can I say about this one. Really, we think everything is in our control, and we are the masters of our destiny but there are big time detours that take place...so gracefully accept it and move on!!

5.Be laid back and let things come to you - If you are constantly wanting something to happen your way and you have worked really hard so that it happens...But if it was not meant to be......it wont happen. Your wish wont come true. And you'll end up frustrated, blaming your destiny and finally believing, how unlucky you are. So, being laid back, I mean....if you have put in months and years of hard work......take some time off!!

6.Think with the heart - Emotions and feelings can't ever help us make right decisions ever. Sometimes, tough decisions have to be made based upon facts. But its always good to think with the heart.

7.Open your arms instead of folding them against your chest - In Body language, when you fold your arms - you are actually protecting yourself, being insecure and uncertain. If you want to live life king size - you got to be bold, daring and unafraid and adventurous.

8.DWI - This acronym already exists, so I did not make that one Tongue Ok, well...it means Deal with it. A lot of times, we postpone the most important task of sorting out our emotions.....time will not, you have to.....the sooner you learn, the better!! I'd just say quit postponing and get to work!!


9.Meditate - Spend some quiet time with yourself to see things in the right perspective!