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All forces tie, untie and unite to make this life, a unique path

The theory of past life actions and Karma is part of the common belief in Hindu Dharma (religion). It leads us to the most important question, are we reincarnated? This just gets a bit more complicated, as we dig deeper into the meaning of life, relationship, experiences, achievements and destiny.

Who we are and what we do is a part of the destiny we choose for ourselves. In the big scheme of things, you and I stand out in the universe based on the level of frequency our thoughts and actions vibrate on. That’s why, it’s truly believed what one puts out there is what one is geared up to receive back in return. The do part is called karma (actions) and is a powerful directional energy or force. Karma then adds up to Karmic reaction which is similar to Newton’s law. Every action has equal and opposite reaction.

The returning force rebounds back with some frequency and energy that affects our life and destiny. It cannot be determined at what point in life, its effect can be felt. It does follow a time cycle. Scientific explanation can be provided but it can get too abstract. Not many people believe in theory of Karma and past life actions as being an instrument to our present life experiences.

All forces tie, untie and unite to make this life, a unique path to freedom, knowledge and awareness. We are tied to one Source. Look at the sun. It radiates heat which is such a powerful quality that makes it unique and Godly.

Awakening one’s true spirit involves understanding the soul’s purpose in connection with the universe. If you agree that all life on this planet are connected to the source of life and constantly derive energy or life force or prana to live this life or move forward in time from the very same source. This is such a strong thought. So, when you kill, cause hurt or harm another living being, it is like hurting the Source of Life and losing a part of your soul to the universe in exchange, except that you will never know what ever happened. The effect is subtle and sublime.

An action committed without conscience pushes us into a path, where we stop looking eye to eye with our true self being. It moves us farther from the spiritual energies or the spirit guide that was watching over us and leading us.

Changes in lifestyle such as seeking knowledge and reading sacred Hindu texts like the Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita can influence our minds and we may experience a shift in consciousness and awareness, helping us to awaken our true spirit and realizing our soul purpose and meaning of life.
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Beautiful post...thank you for sharing <3
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