Life Dynamix Press Releases
March 12, 2010

What Is Life Dynamix?

If you research the latest in innovative health you will likely come across a term called Life Dynamix. This term is quickly becoming a popular name in wellness circles. The principles of Life Dynamix according to it’s founder Steven Ferrel, enhance the ability for people to access healthy energies. These frequencies are said to rejuvenate the mind and body. He feels that those who access these nourishing energies will feel better and function in healthier manner.

Steven who is passionate about the wellness of the world wished to contribute to the wellbeing of others and created Life Dynamix in 2003 with the help of his father James A. Ferrel, a physician who specializes in environmental medicine and nutrition. Together they created a dynamic mix of life enhancement concepts for healthy living that they termed Life Dynamix. They say that Life Dynamix helps achieve an enhanced state of living through a synergistic blend of empowering strategies in mental mastery, healthy nutrition, advanced fitness, toxic free living, and bio energetics. Steven feels that pure love is a destination that the soul seeks and that Life Dynamix will help those who implement its wisdom unite with this healing magic.

Life DynamiX is a social network that empowers people through innovative health and wellness to embrace their life's potential. In a society where depression, fatigue, obesity and physical ailments have risen to epidemic levels they are committed to helping others discover solutions for these challenges. Their focus is to invigorate energy levels, fat metabolism, health and happiness by creating optimal brain chemistry. Steve says that optimal brain chemistry is the doorway to healthy energies which heal and bring vitality to life.

The Science

The mind is constantly sending messages that determine how we function and feel. When the message that says, “I am no longer hungry” is not received the body responds with increased hunger. When the message that says produce more happiness-elevating hormones, is not delivered an individual finds them self depressed. These are only a few of the vast amount of miscommunications that can and do play havoc on health and happiness. Excess stress, poor nutrition, toxins, lack of rest, and unhealthy lifestyle habits interfere with healthy brain chemistry. Message delivery and reception is greatly enhanced when Life Dynamix is implemented which allows people to fully access healthy frequencies and increases wellness and vitality.

I visited their site and was amazed at all the free resources available. You’ll discover a wellness community that dispenses free wellness advice, and creates an ideal place to meet other health minded people along with tools for members to spread their wellness messages to thousands of people. There is a health questionnaire that creates health recommendations depending on your answers, thousands of articles on wellness, and much more. James A. ferrel M.D., CNC just completed a cutting edge wellness book called Neogenesis while Steven is completing a magazine and DVD combination called the Wellness Messenger that shares messages from the members of Life Dynamix. These guys are on a wellness mission and even created a complimentary certification program to help people help people.

They feel that Life Dynamix will have a positive impact on the world and are very thankful for being in the position to make a difference. According to Steven, “when people feel better they are generally kinder and more compassionate to others and the healthy energy generated from one individual has the potential to indirectly touch thousands of hearts. We are all given are own unique tools, but it is up to us what we decide to build and how magnificent it will be and when we unite for the greater good what we build will be even more magnificent!” Rooted in passions for helping create a kinder more compassionate world sprouted a desire to spread the message and principles of Life Dynamix for the greater good.

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Together we will make this beautiful world a better place!