Hi my name is Erin. I currently live in Whistler BC with my beautiful daughter and puppy Murphy. I have been surrounded by health, wellness & alternative thinking my whole life. I am blessed to have grown up in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia Canada with an alternative lifestyle.

I have worked in the spa and wellness industry since 1996. I have had the incredible opportunity to open an Eco health spa in Whistler BC.


The spa provides eco & heath conscious spa services along with eco friendly products. By elimiting toxins in the spa products and the spa's enviroment green spas provide a safe experience for everyone.
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Wishing you a Happy Birthday,with many more to come.yinyang
Dr. Harmander Singh wrote at March 9, 2012
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Respected Madam, we all wish you a Very Happy and Blessed Birthday!


May God Bless and Thanks for Making a Difference at Wings for All!
Dr. Harmander Singh
Jason wrote at March 11, 2010
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Hah! I was thinking that you would have some of the athletes in your spa...Glad to hear you had fun and yes...I am looking forward to the sun tooSmile

O ya happy birthday to you too! Peace
Dr. Harmander Singh wrote at March 8, 2010
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We all are coming boat to wish you happybday

May Your Life Be Blessed!
Dr. Harmander Singh
Steven Ferrel wrote at March 7, 2010
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Steven Ferrel
Jason wrote at February 27, 2010
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What an exciting time it must be for you Erin! I hope you are having fun and all is well my friend Smile
Syrno wrote at February 19, 2010
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I want cookies....and I know that you most likely have someyes
Smile...It's Friday...You have the rest of your life ahead of youtt2
June Lauder wrote at January 22, 2010
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Thanks for taking an interest in me on ModelMayhem.com.

June Lauder
jahk wrote at January 8, 2010
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Originally posted by: "spagirlerin

Sorry for the delay, Thank You!
cherietschudi wrote at January 5, 2010
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Please tell me how your new year is turning out already..in the spa world !!!!????? A doc I worked for just moved to Canada so I learn about it's surroundings a lot these days! Do you find your business booming this time of year due to the appreciation of the health/spa world??
danielperret wrote at December 30, 2009
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Originally posted by: "spagirlerin
Happy Birthday! I hope its an amazing day

Thank you,"Wishing you Peace & Love for this coming New Year"
Horacio Daniel Perret
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